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  1. Michael Beijer

    Great resource!
    Henk Sanderson’s IATE database extractions are invaluable. Saved me a lot of time! I got the whole thing running in CafeTran in no time, with minimal effort (on my part)! Michael Beijer

  2. ron willems

    Almost 720,000 terms (source-target combinations, including synonyms) in the English-Dutch pair. Useful doesn’t begin to describe it…

    Thanks for unlocking this potential, Henk

  3. Daphne Bibisidou

    I’ve just set up the SDL multiterm glossary and all worked smoothly! Thank you Henk!

  4. Hans Lenting

    I’m extremely happy with Henk’s version of the IATE termbase. Well worth it’s price. I’ve ordered the special CafeTran version and it works as advertised. The complete EU terminology at my fingertips. Wow!


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