…for a small price

Package price for translation agencies or corporations

If you are a translation agency or service provider and want to give more translators access to the created translation databases, please contact me to discuss a fair price scheme.

Package prices for individual translators

If you are an individual translator (or rather, if the file sets you order are used just by you and nobody else), the following prices apply:

Large language pair (over 200,000 entries):                            EUR 14.50

The large language packages include, besides extractions from the complete IATE data base, also six subsets grouped according to Domains

Small language pair (less than 200,000 entries):                    EUR    9.50
Custom extractions for user-selected Domain Groups         EUR  25.00
(Note: Custom extractions for user-selected Domain Groups need to be ordered – go to page Contact & Comments)

Additional costs
VAT for non-business clients:
in the EU                                              21%
outside EU                                             0%
VAT for business clients:
in the Netherlands                             21%
in EU outside the Netherlands – shifted
outside EU                                             0%