Contact & Comments you an individual translator, intending to buy standard file sets for your private use? In that case, the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to obtain extracted and processed language pairs is to visit TM-Town where all IATE language pairs are offered for direct download. Buying your file sets there has the following benefits for you:

  • Lower, tax free price
  • No additional costs
  • Immediate availability

However, if you want to use the files in a corporation, please fill in the form below, and explain your situation, so we can agree on a fair price for you.

If you are a business client in the EU, please don’t forget to fill in your VAT number.

If you want to order specific extractions created for your individual Domain group, download the Specification file here and attach it to the form below after you have edited it according to the instructions in the specification file.

Would you rather just leave a comment,  scroll down to the bottom of this page.

11 thoughts on “Contact & Comments

  1. Urs Wolffers

    Congratulations to your glossaries
    Dear colleagues,
    I like to take my laptop to my office in the forest see picture … far away from the internet and people disturbing you through it. But what about the unknown words in your translation. Of course I can put a lot of question marks and look them up at home. But it would be much easier to find them on the computer. For this I have the office suite Softmaker with several Langenscheidt and Duden dictionaries integrated, but you still have to look up the words and on my small computer this may last quite a long time.
    So I installed the santrans files with OmegaT (no splitting of files and no waiting time!) so the words come to me and I don’t have to look them up any more.
    The files IT-DE and FR-DE are relatively small so that I could add the corresponding dictionaries.
    For EN-DE you can’t do this as is too big. For this I have an online solution on wordfast anywhere (pay attention to the privacy!). exists with many language combinations for EN and DE.
    Have fun, Urs


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