…for a small price

Package price for individual translators, ordered via this website

(buying via TM-Town is easier, faster and cheaper)

https://www.tm-town.comIf you are an individual translator (or rather, if the file sets you order are used just by you and nobody else), however if you do not buy via TM-Town, the following prices apply:

first language pair:                   EUR 10.00
additional pairs:                       EUR    7.50
Extractions for
Custom Domain groups         EUR  15.00

Additional costs
Invoice (if you need one)        EUR    2.50
VAT for non-business clients:
in the EU                                              21%
outside EU                                             0%
VAT for business clients:
in the Netherlands                             21%
in EU outside the Netherlands – shifted
outside EU                                             0%

Payment transfer costs:
SEPA transaction (in EU countries)      0%
PayPal transaction (commercial transaction – payment for goods or services):
please add the costs (4% + EUR 0.35)  to the amount to be paid

Package price for translation agencies or corporations

If you are a translation agency or service provider and want to give more translators access to the created translation databases, please contact me to discuss a fair price scheme.